International Building Code Section 108

International Building Code 108.1

Payment of fees. A permit shall not be valid until the
fees prescribed by law have been paid, nor shall an amendment
to a permit be released until the additional fee, if any, has been

International Building Code 108.2

Schedule of permit fees. On buildings, structures, electrical,
gas, mechanical, and plumbing systems or alterations
requiring a permit, a fee for each permit shall be paid as
required, in accordance with the schedule as established by the
applicable governing authority.

International Building Code 108.3

Building permit valuations. The applicant for a permit
shall provide an estimated permit value at time of application.
Permit valuations shall include total value of work, including
materials and labor, for which the permit is being issued, such
as electrical, gas, mechanical, plumbing equipment and permanent
systems. If, in the opinion of the building official, the valuation
is underestimated on the application, the permit shall be
denied, unless the applicant can show detailed estimates to
meet the approval of the building official. Final building permit
valuation shall be set by the building official.

International Building Code 108.4

1084Work commencing before permit issuance. Any person
who commences any work on a building, structure, electrical,
gas, mechanical or plumbing system before obtaining the necessary
permits shall be subject to a fee established by the building
official that shall be in addition to the required permit fees.

International Building Code 108.5

Related fees. The payment of the fee for the construction,
alteration, removal or demolition for work done in
connection to or concurrently with the work authorized by a
building permit shall not relieve the applicant or holder of the
permit from the payment of other fees that are prescribed by