International Building Code Section 1110

International Building Code 1110.1

Signs. Required accessible elements shall be identified
by the International Symbol of Accessibility at the following
1. Accessible parking spaces required by Section 1106.1
except where the total number of parking spaces provided
is four or less.
2. Accessible passenger loading zones.
3. Accessible areas of refuge required by Section 1007.6.
4. Accessible rooms where multiple single-user toilet or
bathing rooms are clustered at a single location.
5. Accessible entrances where not all entrances are accessible.
6. Accessible check-out aisles where not all aisles are
accessible. The sign, where provided, shall be above the
check-out aisle in the same location as the check-out
aisle number or type of check-out identification.
7. Unisex toilet and bathing rooms.
8. Accessible dressing, fitting and locker rooms where not
all such rooms are accessible.

International Building Code 1110.2

Directional signage. Directional signage indicating
the route to the nearest like accessible element shall be provided
at the following locations. These directional signs shall
include the International Symbol of Accessibility:
1. Inaccessible building entrances.
2. Inaccessible public toilets and bathing facilities.
3. Elevators not serving an accessible route.
4. At each separate-sex toilet and bathing room indicating
the location of the nearest unisex toilet or bathing room
where provided in accordance with Section 1109.2.1.
5. At exits and elevators serving a required accessible
space, but not providing an approved accessible means
of egress, signage shall be provided in accordance with
Section 1007.7.

International Building Code 1110.3

Other signs. Signage indicating special accessibility
provisions shall be provided as shown:
1. Each assembly area required to comply with Section
1108.2.6 shall provide a sign notifying patrons of the
availability of assistive listening systems.
Exception: Where ticket offices or windows are provided,
signs are not required at each assembly area
provided that signs are displayed at each ticket office
or window informing patrons of the availability of
assistive listening systems.
2. At each door to an egress stairway, exit passageway and
exit discharge, signage shall be provided in accordance
with Section 1011.3.
3. At areas of refuge, signage shall be provided in accordance
with Sections 1007.6.3 through 1007.6.5.
4. At areas for assisted rescue, signage shall be provided in
accordance with Section 1007.8.3.