International Building Code Section 1906

International Building Code 1906.1

Formwork. The design, fabrication and erection of
forms shall comply with ACI 318, Section 6.1.

International Building Code 1906.2

Removal of forms, shores and reshores. The removal
of forms and shores, including from slabs and beams (except
where cast on the ground), and the installation of reshores shall
comply with ACI 318, Section 6.2.

International Building Code 1906.3

Conduits and pipes embedded in concrete. Conduits,
pipes and sleeves of any material not harmful to concrete and
within the limitations of ACI 318, Section 6.3, are permitted to
be embedded in concrete with approval of the registered design

International Building Code 1906.4

Construction joints. Construction joints, including
their location, shall comply with the provisions of ACI 318,
Section 6.4.