International Building Code Section 1912

International Building Code 1912.1

Scope. The provisions of this section shall govern the
strength design of anchors installed in concrete for purposes of
transmitting structural loads from one connected element to the
other. Headed bolts, headed studs and hooked (J- or L-) bolts
cast in concrete and expansion anchors and undercut anchors
installed in hardened concrete shall be designed in accordance
with Appendix D of ACI 318 as modified by Section
1908.1.16, provided they are within the scope of Appendix D.
Exception: Where the basic concrete breakout strength in
tension of a single anchor, Nb, is determined in accordance
with Equation (D-7), the concrete breakout strength
requirements of Section D.4.2.2 shall be considered satisfied
by the design procedures of Sections D.5.2 and D.6.2
for anchors exceeding 2 inches (51 mm) in diameter or 25
inches (635 mm) tensile embedment depth.
The strength design of anchors that are not within the scope
of Appendix D of ACI 318, and as amended above, shall be in
accordance with an approved procedure.