International Building Code Section 2605

International Building Code 2605.1

Interior use. Where used within a building, plastic
veneer shall comply with the interior finish requirements of
Chapter 8.

International Building Code 2605.2

Exterior use. Exterior plastic veneer shall be permitted
to be installed on the exterior walls of buildings of any type of
construction in accordance with all of the following requirements:
1. Plastic veneer shall comply with Section 2606.4.
2. Plastic veneer shall not be attached to any exterior wall to
a height greater than 50 feet (15 240 mm) above grade.
3. Sections of plastic veneer shall not exceed 300 square
feet (27.9 m2) in area and shall be separated by a minimum
of 4 feet (1219 mm) vertically.
Exception: The area and separation requirements and
the smoke-density limitation are not applicable to
plastic veneer applied to buildings constructed of
Type VB construction, provided the walls are not
required to have a fire-resistance rating.