International Building Code Section 3001

International Building Code 3001.1

Scope. This chapter governs the design, construction,
installation, alteration and repair of elevators and conveying
systems and their components.

International Building Code 3001.2

Referenced standards. Except as otherwise provided
for in this code, the design, construction, installation, alteration,
repair and maintenance of elevators and conveying systems
and their components shall conform to ASME A17.1,
ASME A90.1, ASME B20.1, ALI ALCTV, and ASCE 24 for
construction in flood hazard areas established in Section

International Building Code 3001.3

Accessibility. Passenger elevators required to be accessible
by Chapter 11 shall conform to ICC A117.1.

International Building Code 3001.4

Change in use. A change in use of an elevator from
freight to passenger, passenger to freight, or from one freight
class to another freight class shall comply with Part XII of
ASME A17.1.