International Building Code Section 3105

International Building Code 3105.1

General. Awnings or canopies shall comply with the
requirements of this section and other applicable sections of
this code.

International Building Code 3105.2

Definition. The following term shall, for the purposes
of this section and as used elsewhere in this code, have the
meaning shown herein.
RETRACTABLE AWNING. A retractable awning is a cover
with a frame that retracts against a building or other structure to
which it is entirely supported.

International Building Code 3105.3

Design and construction. Awnings and canopies shall
be designed and constructed to withstand wind or other lateral
loads and live loads as required by Chapter 16 with due allowance
for shape, open construction and similar features that
relieve the pressures or loads. Structural members shall be protected
to prevent deterioration. Awnings shall have frames of
noncombustible material, fire-retardant-treatedwood,wood of
Type IV size, or 1-hour construction with combustible or
noncombustible covers and shall be either fixed, retractable,
folding or collapsible.

International Building Code 3105.4

Canopy materials. Canopies shall be constructed of a
rigid framework with an approved covering that meets the fire
propagation performance criteria of NFPA 701 or has a flame
spread index not greater than 25 when tested in accordance
with ASTM E 84.