International Building Code Section 3106

International Building Code 3106.1

General. Marquees shall comply with this section and
other applicable sections of this code.

International Building Code 3106.2

Thickness. The maximum height or thickness of a marquee
measured vertically from its lowest to its highest point
shall not exceed 3 feet (914 mm) where the marquee projects
more than two-thirds of the distance from the property line to
the curb line, and shall not exceed 9 feet (2743 mm) where the
marquee is less than two-thirds of the distance from the property
line to the curb line.

International Building Code 3106.3

Roof construction. Where the roof or any part thereof
is a skylight, the skylight shall comply with the requirements of
Chapter 24. Every roof and skylight of a marquee shall be
sloped to downspouts that shall conduct any drainage from the
marquee in such a manner so as not to spill over the sidewalk.

International Building Code 3106.4

Location prohibited. Every marquee shall be so
located as not to interfere with the operation of any exterior
standpipe, and such that the marquee does not obstruct the clear
passage of stairways or exit discharge from the building or the
installation or maintenance of street lighting.

International Building Code 3106.5

Construction. A marquee shall be supported entirely
from the building and constructed of noncombustible materials.
Marquees shall be designed as required in Chapter 16.
Structural members shall be protected to prevent deterioration.