International Building Code Section 3303

International Building Code 3303.1

Construction documents. Construction documents
and a schedule for demolition must be submitted when
required by the building official. Where such information is
required, no work shall be done until such construction documents
or schedule, or both, are approved.

International Building Code 3303.2

Pedestrian protection. The work of demolishing any
building shall not be commenced until pedestrian protection is
in place as required by this chapter.

International Building Code 3303.3

Means of egress. A party wall balcony or horizontal
exit shall not be destroyed unless and until a substitute means of
egress has been provided and approved.

International Building Code 3303.4

Vacant lot. Where a structure has been demolished or
removed, the vacant lot shall be filled and maintained to the
existing grade or in accordance with the ordinances of the jurisdiction
having authority.

International Building Code 3303.5

Water accumulation. Provision shall be made to prevent
the accumulation of water or damage to any foundations
on the premises or the adjoining property.

International Building Code 3303.6

Utility connections. Service utility connections shall
be discontinued and capped in accordance with the approved
rules and the requirements of the authority having jurisdiction.