International Building Code Section 3311

International Building Code 3311.1

Where required. Buildings four stories or more in
height shall be provided with not less than one standpipe for
use during construction. Such standpipes shall be installed
where the progress of construction is not more than 40 feet (12
192 mm) in height above the lowest level of fire department
access. Such standpipe shall be provided with fire department
hose connections at accessible locations adjacent to usable
stairs. Such standpipes shall be extended as construction progresses
to within one floor of the highest point of construction
having secured decking or flooring.

International Building Code 3311.2

Buildings being demolished. Where a building is
being demolished and a standpipe exists within such a build-
ing, such standpipe shall be maintained in an operable condition
so as to be available for use by the fire department. Such
standpipe shall be demolished with the building but shall not be
demolished more than one floor below the floor being demolished.

International Building Code 3311.3

Detailed requirements. Standpipes shall be installed
in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 9.
Exception: Standpipes shall be either temporary or permanent
in nature, and with or without a water supply, provided
that such standpipes conform to the requirements of Section
905 as to capacity, outlets and materials.

International Building Code 3311.4

Water supply. Water supply for fire protection, either
temporary or permanent, shall be made available as soon as
combustible material accumulates.