International Building Code Section 3401

International Building Code 3401.1

Scope. The provisions of this chapter shall control the
alteration, repair, addition and change of occupancy of existing
Exception: Existing bleachers, grandstands and folding
and telescopic seating shall comply with ICC 300-02.

International Building Code 3401.2

Maintenance. Buildings and structures, and parts
thereof, shall be maintained in a safe and sanitary condition.
Devices or safeguards which are required by this code shall be
maintained in conformance with the code edition under which
installed. The owner or the owner’s designated agent shall be
responsible for the maintenance of buildings and structures. To
determine compliance with this subsection, the building official
shall have the authority to require a building or structure to
be reinspected. The requirements of this chapter shall not provide
the basis for removal or abrogation of fire protection and
safety systems and devices in existing structures.

International Building Code 3401.3

Compliance with other codes. Alterations, repairs,
additions and changes of occupancy to existing structures shall
comply with the provisions for alterations, repairs, additions
and changes of occupancy in the International Fire Code,
International Fuel Gas Code, International Mechanical Code,
International Plumbing Code, International Property Maintenance
Code, International Private Sewage Disposal Code,
International Residential Code and ICC Electrical Code.