International Building Code Section 709

International Building Code 709.1

General. Smoke barriers shall comply with this section.

International Building Code 709.2

Materials. Smoke barriers shall be of materials permitted
by the building type of construction.

International Building Code 709.3

Fire-resistance rating.A1-hour fire-resistance rating is
required for smoke barriers.
Exception: Smoke barriers constructed of minimum
0.10-inch-thick (2.5 mm) steel in Group I-3 buildings.

International Building Code 709.4

Continuity. Smoke barriers shall form an effective
membrane continuous from outside wall to outside wall and
from the top of the foundation or floor/ceiling assembly below
to the underside of the floor or roof sheathing, deck or slab
above, including continuity through concealed spaces, such as
those found above suspended ceilings, and interstitial structural
and mechanical spaces. The supporting construction shall
be protected to afford the required fire-resistance rating of the
wall or floor supported in buildings of other than Type IIB, IIIB
or VB construction.
Exception: Smoke-barrierwalls are not required in interstitial
spaces where such spaces are designed and constructed
with ceilings that provide resistance to the passage of fire
and smoke equivalent to that provided by the smoke-barrier

International Building Code 709.5

Openings. Openings in a smoke barrier shall be protected
in accordance with Section 715.
Exception: In Group I-2, where doors are installed across
corridors, a pair of opposite-swinging doors without a center
mullion shall be installed having vision panels with
fire-protection-rated glazing materials in fire-protection-
rated frames, the area of which shall not exceed that
tested. The doors shall be close fitting within operational
tolerances, and shall not have undercuts, louvers or grilles.
The doors shall have head and jamb stops, astragals or
rabbets at meeting edges and shall be automatic closing by
smoke detection in accordance with Section 715.4.7.3. Positive-
latching devices are not required.

International Building Code 709.6

Penetrations. Penetrations of smoke barriers shall comply
with Section 712.

International Building Code 709.7

Joints. Joints made in or between smoke barriers shall
comply with Section 713.

International Building Code 709.8

Ducts and air transfer openings. Penetrations in a
smoke barrier by ducts and air transfer openings shall comply
with Section 716.