International Building Code Section 102

International Building Code 102.1

General. Where, in any specific case, different sections
of this code specify different materials, methods of construction
or other requirements, the most restrictive shall govern.
Where there is a conflict between a general requirement and a
specific requirement, the specific requirement shall be applicable.

International Building Code 102.2

Other laws. The provisions of this code shall not be
deemed to nullify any provisions of local, state or federal law.

International Building Code 102.3

Application of references. References to chapter or section
numbers, or to provisions not specifically identified by
number, shall be construed to refer to such chapter, section or
provision of this code.

International Building Code 102.4

Referenced codes and standards. The codes and standards
referenced in this code shall be considered part of the
requirements of this code to the prescribed extent of each such
reference. Where differences occur between provisions of this
code and referenced codes and standards, the provisions of this
code shall apply.

International Building Code 102.5

Partial invalidity. In the event that any part or provision
of this code is held to be illegal or void, this shall not have the
effect of making void or illegal any of the other parts or provisions.

International Building Code 102.6

Existing structures. The legal occupancy of any structure
existing on the date of adoption of this code shall be permitted
to continue without change, except as is specifically
covered in this code, the International Property Maintenance
Code or the International Fire Code, or as is deemed necessary
by the building official for the general safety and welfare of the
occupants and the public.