International Building Code Section 107

International Building Code 107.1

General. The building official is authorized to issue a
permit for temporary structures and temporary uses. Such permits
shall be limited as to time of service, but shall not be permitted
for more than 180 days. The building official is
authorized to grant extensions for demonstrated cause.

International Building Code 107.2

Conformance. Temporary structures and uses shall conform
to the structural strength, fire safety, means of egress,
accessibility, light, ventilation and sanitary requirements of
this code as necessary to ensure public health, safety and general

International Building Code 107.3

Temporary power. The building official is authorized to
give permission to temporarily supply and use power in part of
an electric installation before such installation has been fully
completed and the final certificate of completion has been
issued. The part covered by the temporary certificate shall
comply with the requirements specified for temporary lighting,
heat or power in the ICC Electrical Code.

International Building Code 107.4

Termination of approval. The building official is
authorized to terminate such permit for a temporary structure
or use and to order the temporary structure or use to be discontinued.