International Building Code Section 115

International Building Code 115.1

Conditions. Structures or existing equipment that are or
hereafter become unsafe, insanitary or deficient because of
inadequate means of egress facilities, inadequate light and ventilation,
or which constitute a fire hazard, or are otherwise dangerous
to human life or the public welfare, or that involve
illegal or improper occupancy or inadequate maintenance,
shall be deemed an unsafe condition. Unsafe structures shall be
taken down and removed or made safe, as the building official
deems necessary and as provided for in this section. A vacant
structure that is not secured against entry shall be deemed

International Building Code 115.2

Record. The building official shall cause a report to be
filed on an unsafe condition. The report shall state the occupancy
of the structure and the nature of the unsafe condition.

International Building Code 115.3

Notice. If an unsafe condition is found, the building official
shall serve on the owner, agent or person in control of the
structure, a written notice that describes the condition deemed
unsafe and specifies the required repairs or improvements to be
made to abate the unsafe condition, or that requires the unsafe
structure to be demolished within a stipulated time. Such notice
shall require the person thus notified to declare immediately to
the building official acceptance or rejection of the terms of the

International Building Code 115.4

Method of service. Such notice shall be deemed properly
served if a copy thereof is (a) delivered to the owner personally;
(b) sent by certified or registered mail addressed to the
owner at the last known address with the return receipt
requested; or (c) delivered in any other manner as prescribed by
local law. If the certified or registered letter is returned showing
that the letter was not delivered, a copy thereof shall be posted
in a conspicuous place in or about the structure affected by such
notice. Service of such notice in the foregoing manner upon the
owner’s agent or upon the person responsible for the structure
shall constitute service of notice upon the owner.

International Building Code 115.5

Restoration. The structure or equipment determined to
be unsafe by the building official is permitted to be restored to a
safe condition. To the extent that repairs, alterations or additions
are made or a change of occupancy occurs during the restoration
of the structure, such repairs, alterations, additions or
change of occupancy shall comply with the requirements of
Section 105.2.2 and Chapter 34.