International Building Code Section 1706

International Building Code 1706.1

Contractor responsibility. Each contractor responsible
for the construction of a main wind- or seismic-force-resisting
system, designated seismic system or a wind- or
seismic-resisting component listed in the statement of special
inspections shall submit a written statement of responsibility to
the building official and the owner prior to the commencement
of work on the system or component. The contractor’s statement
of responsibility shall contain the following:
1. Acknowledgment of awareness of the special requirements
contained in the statement of special inspections;
2. Acknowledgment that control will be exercised to obtain
conformance with the construction documents approved
by the building official;
3. Procedures for exercising control within the contractor’s
organization, the method and frequency of reporting and
the distribution of the reports; and
4. Identification and qualifications of the person(s) exercising
such control and their position(s) in the organization.