International Building Code Section 1811

International Building Code 1811.1

General. Composite piles shall conform to the requirements
of Sections 1811.2 through 1811.5.

International Building Code 1811.2

Design. Composite piles consisting of two or more
approved pile types shall be designed to meet the conditions of

International Building Code 1811.3

Limitation of load. The maximum allowable load shall
be limited by the capacity of the weakest section incorporated
in the pile.

International Building Code 1811.4

Splices. Splices between concrete and steel or wood
sections shall be designed to prevent separation both before
and after the concrete portion has set, and to ensure the alignment
and transmission of the total pile load. Splices shall be
designed to resist uplift caused by upheaval during driving of
adjacent piles, and shall develop the full compressive strength
and not less than 50 percent of the tension and bending strength
of the weaker section.

International Building Code 1811.5

Seismic reinforcement. Where a structure is assigned
to Seismic Design Category C, D, E or F in accordance with
Section 1613, the following shall apply. Where concrete and
steel are used as part of the pile assembly, the concrete reinforcement
shall comply with that given in Sections 1810.1.2.1
and 1810.1.2.2 or the steel section shall comply with Section