International Building Code Section 1915

International Building Code 1915.1

General. Concrete-filled pipe columns shall be manufactured
from standard, extra-strong or double-extra-strong
steel pipe or tubing that is filled with concrete so placed and
manipulated as to secure maximum density and to ensure complete
filling of the pipe without voids.

International Building Code 1915.2

Design. The safe supporting capacity of concrete-filled
pipe columns shall be computed in accordance with the
approved rules or as determined by a test.

International Building Code 1915.3

Connections. Caps, base plates and connections shall
be of approved types and shall be positively attached to the
shell and anchored to the concrete core. Welding of brackets
without mechanical anchorage shall be prohibited. Where the
pipe is slotted to accommodate webs of brackets or other connections,
the integrity of the shell shall be restored by welding
to ensure hooping action of the composite section.

International Building Code 1915.4

Reinforcement. To increase the safe load-supporting
capacity of concrete-filled pipe columns, the steel reinforcement
shall be in the form of rods, structural shapes or pipe
embedded in the concrete core with sufficient clearance to
ensure the composite action of the section, but not nearer than 1
inch (25 mm) to the exterior steel shell. Structural shapes used
as reinforcement shall be milled to ensure bearing on cap and
base plates.

International Building Code 1915.5

Fire-resistance-rating protection. Pipe columns shall
be of such size or so protected as to develop the required
fire-resistance ratings specified in Table 601. Where an outer
steel shell is used to enclose the fire-resistant covering, the shell
shall not be included in the calculations for strength of the column
section. The minimum diameter of pipe columns shall be
4 inches (102 mm) except that in structures of TypeVconstruction
not exceeding three stories or 40 feet (12 192 mm) in
height, pipe columns used in the basement and as secondary
steel members shall have a minimum diameter of 3 inches (76

International Building Code 1915.6

Approvals. Details of column connections and splices
shall be shop fabricated by approved methods and shall be
approved only after tests in accordance with the approved
rules. Shop-fabricated concrete-filled pipe columns shall be
inspected by the building official or by an approved representative
of the manufacturer at the plant.