International Building Code Section 2607

International Building Code 2607.1

General. Light-transmitting plastics shall not be used
as wall panels in exterior walls in occupancies in Groups A-l,
A-2, H, I-2 and I-3. In other groups, light-transmitting plastics
shall be permitted to be used as wall panels in exterior walls,
provided that thewalls are not required to have a fire-resistance
rating and the installation conforms to the requirements of this
section. Such panels shall be erected and anchored on a foundation,
waterproofed or otherwise protected from moisture
absorption and sealed with a coat of mastic or other approved
waterproof coating. Light-transmitting plasticwall panels shall
also comply with Section 2606.

International Building Code 2607.2

Installation. Exterior wall panels installed as provided
for herein shall not alter the type of construction classification
of the building.

International Building Code 2607.3

Height limitation. Light-transmitting plastics shall not
be installed more than 75 feet (22 860 mm) above grade plane,
except as allowed by Section 2607.5.

International Building Code 2607.4

Area limitation and separation. The maximum area
of a singlewall panel and minimum vertical and horizontal separation
requirements for exterior light-transmitting plasticwall
panels shall be as provided for in Table 2607.4. The maximum
percentage ofwall area of any story in light-transmitting plastic
wall panels shall not exceed that indicated in Table 2607.4 or
the percentage of unprotected openings permitted by Section
704.8, whichever is smaller.
1. In structures provided with approved flame barriers
extending 30 inches (760 mm) beyond the exterior
wall in the plane of the floor, a vertical separation is
not required at the floor except that provided by the
vertical thickness of the flame barrier projection.
2. Veneers of approved weather-resistant light-transmitting
plastics used as exterior siding in buildings of
Type V construction in compliance with Section

International Building Code 2607.5

Automatic sprinkler system. Where the building is
equipped throughout with an automatic sprinkler system in
accordance with Section 903.3.1.1, the maximum percentage
area of exterior wall in any story in light-transmitting plastic
wall panels and the maximum square footage of a single area
given in Table 2607.4 shall be increased 100 percent, but the
area of light-transmitting plastic wall panels shall not exceed
50 percent of thewall area in any story, or the area permitted by
Section 704.8 for unprotected openings, whichever is smaller.
These installations shall be exempt from height limitations.

International Building Code 2607.6

Combinations of glazing and wall panels. Combinations
of light-transmitting plastic glazing and light-transmitting
plastic wall panels shall be subject to the area, height and
percentage limitations and the separation requirements applicable
to the class of light-transmitting plastic as prescribed for
light-transmitting plastic wall panel installations.