International Building Code Section 3006

International Building Code 3006.1

Access. An approved means of access shall be provided
to elevator machine rooms and overhead machinery spaces.

International Building Code 3006.2

Venting. Elevator machine rooms that contain
solid-state equipment for elevator operation shall be provided
with an independent ventilation or air-conditioning system to
protect against the overheating of the electrical equipment. The
system shall be capable of maintaining temperatures within the
range established for the elevator equipment.

International Building Code 3006.3

Pressurization. The elevator machine room serving a
pressurized elevator hoistway shall be pressurized upon activation
of a heat or smoke detector located in the elevator machine

International Building Code 3006.4

Machine rooms and machinery spaces. Elevator
machine rooms and machinery spaces shall be enclosed with
fire barriers with a fire-resistance rating not less than the
required rating of the hoistway enclosure served by the
machinery. Openings shall be protected with assemblies having
a fire-protection rating not less than that required for the
hoistway enclosure doors.

International Building Code 3006.5

Shunt trip. Where elevator hoistways or elevator
machine rooms containing elevator control equipment are protected
with automatic sprinklers, a means installed in accordance
with NFPA 72, Section 3-9.4, Elevator Shutdown, shall
be provided to disconnect automatically the main line power
supply to the affected elevator prior to the application of water.
This means shall not be self-resetting. The activation of sprinklers
outside the hoistway or machine room shall not disconnect
the main line power supply.

International Building Code 3006.6

Plumbing systems. Plumbing systems shall not be
located in elevator equipment rooms.