International Building Code Section 417

International Building Code 417.1

General.Adrying room or dry kiln installed within a
building shall be constructed entirely of approved
noncombustible materials or assemblies of such materials regulated
by the approved rules or as required in the general and
specific sections of Chapter 4 for special occupancies and
where applicable to the general requirements of Chapter 28.

International Building Code 417.2

Piping clearance. Overhead heating pipes shall have
a clearance of not less than 2 inches (51 mm) from combustible
contents in the dryer.

International Building Code 417.3

Insulation. Where the operating temperature of the
dryer is 175F (79C) or more, metal enclosures shall be insulated
from adjacent combustible materials by not less than 12
inches (305 mm) of airspace, or the metal walls shall be lined
with1/4-inch (6.35 mm) insulating mill board or other approved
equivalent insulation.

International Building Code 417.4

Fire protection. Drying rooms designed for
high-hazard materials and processes, including special occupancies
as provided for in Chapter 4, shall be protected by an
approved automatic fire-extinguishing system complying with
the provisions of Chapter 9.