International Building Code Section 911

International Building Code 911.1

Features. Where required by other sections of this
code, a fire command center for fire department operations
shall be provided. The location and accessibility of the fire
command center shall be approved by the fire department. The
fire command center shall be separated from the remainder of
the building by not less than a 1-hour fire barrier constructed in
accordance with Section 706 or horizontal assembly constructed
in accordance with Section 711, or both. The room
shall be a minimum of 96 square feet (9 m2) with a minimum
dimension of 8 feet (2438 mm). A layout of the fire command
center and all features required by the section to be contained
therein shall be submitted for approval prior to installation. The
fire command center shall comply with NFPA72 and shall contain
the following features:
1. The emergency voice/alarm communication system
2. The fire department communications unit.
3. Fire detection and alarm system annunciator unit.
4. Annunciator unit visually indicating the location of the
elevators and whether they are operational.
5. Status indicators and controls for air-handling systems.
6. The fire-fighter’s control panel required by Section
909.16 for smoke control systems installed in the building.
7. Controls for unlocking stairway doors simultaneously.
8. Sprinkler valve and water-flow detector display panels.
9. Emergency and standby power status indicators.
10. A telephone for fire department use with controlled
access to the public telephone system.
11. Fire pump status indicators.
12. Schematic building plans indicating the typical floor
plan and detailing the building core, means of egress,
fire protection systems, fire-fighting equipment and
fire department access.
13. Worktable.
14. Generator supervision devices, manual start and transfer
15. Public address system, where specifically required by
other sections of this code.